Bowelle - The IBS tracker

Bowelle is a food and symptom diary designed specifically for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other digestive health problems.

Keep a record of your day

The app lets you track how you feel, what you eat, your stress levels, bowel movements, water intake and custom values that you define.


Visual representations makes it easier to discover patterns and determine how you feel over longer periods of time.

Apple Health Compatible

Bowelle supports Apple Health which allows you to display data such as weight, sleep and step count.

Share your data with healthcare professionals

Bowelle is designed with both patients and physicians in mind. All data that is entered to the app can be shared via reports.

Respects Your Privacy

Your personal data is stored on your device and not on any servers without your explicit consent.

Continuously improved

Your feedback matters. If you miss anything, please provide your feedback and it will be considered for future implementations.


“This is the greatest app that I have ever used for a medical condition! The app is so clean and seamless, and it helps you keep track of the main parts of IBS. It’s a pain to have this condition, but this app makes managing it a lot better. You will feel better using something less complicated than your tummy!”

“Bowelle has taught me more about my metabolism than all diets, physical treatments and medicine of 30 years suffering from IBS. Just a few weeks tracking with this app, I was able to clearly identify some foods my body can not have. […] Thank You from your most grateful user!”

“I never leave reviews so the fact that I’m leaving this speaks volumes about this app. I have IBS and have tried many different apps to track my diet. This is the best one I found. It is easy to use, everything is set up well, I can add to it . I highly recommend it.”

“This app is pretty great. It helps me keep track of my stool and is a food journal as well. On top of that you can add your own categories, which is great for me because I need to keep track of headaches and temperature too. This app is really helpful and is way easier to keep up with than writing it all out in a journal of your own.”

“This is a really great app. It allows you to track everything you need to without it becoming too overwhelming. Adding and editing entries is quite simple and straightforward and the interface is well designed and aesthetically pleasing. You can store commonly used foods to add them more quickly and it also allows you to add custom categories of things to track. Very well thought out!”

“I was looking for a fast easy to use app to track food, water, stool, mood, energy levels & sleep. This app is perfect! And customizable. I had a question & support answered promptly with a workaround. If you do a holistic detox, need to track food for medical conditions, allergies, pregnancy etc this app is quick & so easy to use. I tried a few other apps, but this was the fastest for daily use. Thank you for making this app!”


Download Bowelle now and start managing your IBS today!

Bowelle is available for the iPhone.